History continued.............

2 more Dirty Old Blasters and the first 2 Motosports Park VET OPENs.

During the 2000 season, the same old guys that attended that Vet race in Pennsylvania had the idea that since there were already two races every year there should be s series for the Vet guys.  A long Friday practice, NO MINI bikes, no minors, no 14 hour race days and the Series began to take shape.

A Vet racer who had quite a history with the racetracks in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin was Scott Wallenberg of RacerX magazine.  Motosports Park and Aztalan were two of the racetracks where Scott developed his skills before his Pro career. He
liked the idea of a series and offered RacerX Illustrated as a sponsor. RedBud and Spring Creek were approached agreed to hold events and the RacerX Senior Championship was born.

Fast forward to today........................

Throughout the years, the events have been relatively well attended.  In recent years, however, with the price of fuel and the really lousy weather, attendance has dropped, causing some of the promoters to reconsider their commitment to the series.  Hopefully, with the reduction in gas prices and with some good weather, attendance will improve and a commitment to the series will be renewed.

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Fun Facts............. FYI

There is no cost, other than normal race fees to compete in the RacerX Senior Championship

MxVets is not for profit and has an all volunteer staff

The race promoters who hold events provide funding for the year end awards

Race day merchandise awards are donated by the series sponsors