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2020 schedule
The 2020 schedule is up. Starts at Sunset Ridge in July and ends at Motosports Park in September.

Rain Date
the 9/28 event has been rescheduled as part of the Motosports Park District 17 Motocross 10/27. RXSC classes will be run in conjunction with District 17 classes. There will be a Saturday practice and RXSC Year end awards will be handed out at the end of the event. Check for event details.

2019 Schedule Change
The date for the opening round of the 2019 RacerX Senior Champiomship has been moved back to July 26-27 to avoid a scheduling conflict. Please plan accordingly.

2019 Schedule
2019 will open at Sunset Ridge in July then on to VetFest at Redbud in August. Round 3 will be at Aztalan in September and the final round that includes the year end awards will be at Motosports Park September 27-28.

2018 schedule
The schedule is posted. There are a few changes for 2018.

Motosports Park will open the season with round 1 in June followed by Sunset Ridge in July, Re Bud on it's traditional August weekend and the final round at Aztalan in September.

For 2018 the awards will be given out some time in September after the final round at Aztalan. Because Aztalan doesn't use Trackside Software, calculations required to finalize the result takes a little longer and make it impossible to to post season overall results until sometime during the week following the last event.

Hopefully, we'll have a plan before the opening round at Motosports Park in June.

2017 Events
Also for the 2017 season, Laptimes USA will again provide timing and scoring services at the Sunset Ridge and Motosports Park rounds using MyLaps transponders.

Laptimes USA will have loaners available as well as the new X2 transponders for sale at those events.

2017 schedule
Finally got the 2017 schedule posted. It was more of a chore this year for some reason.

The RacerX Senior Championship will kick off the 2017 season at Sunset Ridge in Walnut, Il. in July followed by RedBuds Vet Fest in August, the 25th DOB at Aztalan in September and wrapping up with some great Fall race the last weekend in September at the Vet Open at Motosports Park in Byron, Il where 2017 championship awards will be presented after the final round.

Also for 2017 we have added a Plus 65 class for the older than dirt participants.

Mylaps transponders
Along with the Motosports Park event scheduled for 9/23 and 9/24, Mylaps transponders will be used at the event 6/24 and 6/25 at Sunset Ridge in Walnut, Illinois.

Laptimes USA will have transponders available for use at both events.

2016 schedule
Well the 2016 schedule is finally posted and for the first time in a long time, there are no major changes. Pretty much June-Walnut, August-RedBud, September- Azzie and Byron.
Check the dates on the schedule page.

New for 2016, Mylaps transponders will be used at Motosports Park for live timing and scoring. Now we'll see just how fast some of the old guys really are.

Aztalan- 2015
Round 3 is tallied up and the points are posted.
Great race track conditions and excellent race program. Done by 4:30!! A big thanks to all the Azzie club members that made it happen.

It's important that you review your points and let me know if there are any problems. There was a considerable amount of hand entered data that went into compiling the points from round 3. Aztalans switch to the Motosponder software made importing the race results into Trackside a challenge.

So please check your results. The season awards will be given away at Motosports Park after at the end of Round 4 racing Saturday 9/26. It will then be too late to make any major corrections, so please check............

2015 Vet Open-9/25-26 at Motosports Park, final round of the 2015 RacerX Senior Championship.

There will also be some Vintage racing on the hilltop track Saturday and on the legacy track Sunday. So if you want to spectate some old stuff or you're a dual shocker, come on out and enjoy.

Red Bud
Sorry for the late post about Red Bud. What else can you say about AMERICAS MX TRACK. Great practice and race weekend. Close to record crowds both days.

Aztalan 9-11 and 12

Sunset Ridge
What a great race weekend-Perfect conditions all weekend made for an excellent opening round of the 2015 RacerX Senior Championship. Weather was good- track conditions both Saturday and Sunday were perfect and turnout was excellent. Anyone who missed it should have been there....

2014 awards were presented at the pavillion. Congratulations to all the 2014 Class Champions.

Next--RXSC Round 2 at Red Bud 8-14/15

Sunset Ridge this weekend!
Finally the opening round of the 2015 RacerX Senior Championship at Sunset Ridge this weekend.

Should be great weather for both practice Friday and round 1 Saturday.

Don't forget 2014 year end awards will be on site for distribution so stop by and pick yours up. We tried something different this year. If you received points in more than one event in 2014, you qualified for a 2014 award.

The 2014 point indicate award winners, so check them out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.............

2014 final results
Sorry for the delay. The results from DOB 22 are posted as well as the overall points for the 2014 season. Keep in mind, since the Edge of Summer MX at the Soaring Eagle Casino was a late edition, the overall results were based on the best 8 out of 10 motos. Awards will be given out at the opening round of the 2015 RacerX Senior Championship, the 2015 Vet Open at Motosports Park. The 2015 schedule will be posted as soon as we get date confirmations from the promoters.

2014 final round-Aztalan's Dirty Old Blasters
Results from the Soaring Eagle "Edge of Summer MX" are posted along with the current point totals. Keep in mind the final points will include only 8 of the best 10 moto scores. Points for each race will be posted at the final Dirty Old Blasters at Aztalan this weekend. Cool weather is in the forecast...lets moto vet style.

News from Amy Ritchie

Where: Soaring Eagle Casino Resort, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (middle of the state)

When: Friday/Saturday, August 29/30, 2014

What: Full amateur vet race program with Friday practice and Saturday racing. Same basic program and classes as RedBud's VetFest, which is posted on Racer X Vet Series points in all series classes! Vet Series will count the best 4 out of 5 rounds for series overall points. Transponder scoring by eScore. Racers can use their own transponder if they have one (same as the ones used in the Loretta's program), or rental fee is $15 per racer.

Top 15 overall in all amateur classes will get $25 casino cash, in addition to regular awards & payback.

Pro Races:
Saturday night pro race (ages 18 & up) with a BIG purse, paying $10k to win!!

Three classes in the Saturday night program, after amateur racing is finished: Pro, Vet Pro (30 Plus) and SuperMini. Top ten in the finals of each class share the payback. Pro class $37000 payback and Vet Pro $3600 total payback will pay checks to the racers. SuperMini $2000 total payback will be in dealer checks.

RCH/Soaring Eagle race team will be attending the event. Ricky Carmichael designed, Mark Barnett built race track on what is currently a grassy hillside and field; it will NOT be a supercross track.

Lots of great stuff going on at the Soaring Eagle that weekend, including an FMX show along with the Saturday night races, concerts including Fallout Boy, and a poker run Sunday.

Racers' gate and registration fees will be the same as RedBud VetFest. Racer camping is free in the pit area. There are campgrounds on the property with all the amenities if racers would like to camp there instead at the normal resort rate. The Soaring Eagle hotel is very close to the race track and convenient for racers who don't plan to camp.

Sunset Ridge This weekend
Getting ready for our next Saturday/Sunday event at Walnut 7/19-20. Weather looks good.. let's moto.

2014 Vet Open
Well, the first round is in the books. Smallish crowd due to the Local LL Regional, but a fun round just the same. Good weather and great socializing. A big thanks to all the Series supporters. On to Walnut 7/18-19.

Well it's about time---Welcome to 2014
The 2014 schedule is posted. There are a couple of format changes for 2014.

We're getting started a little earlier this year. July is just too late to start. Also we'll end at the September round.... October was too late to end.

Please notice Motosports Park and Sunset Ridge are running their events on Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday and Saturday We'll see what this does to attendance at these 2 events.

Also, for 2014-- Year end awards will be given out at the opening round of 2015 at Motosports Park. We hope to have more of a presentation that everyone can participate .

Year end wrap up!
First a big thanks to those of you who made the final round in support of the RXSC and to Aaron, Tanya and the Motosports Park staff for putting on an excellent event.

Points are posted and final results are tallied. The weekend was a great Fall weekend for racing .. cool and dry. Track conditions were excellent and everyone in attendance got their monies worth.

For 2014 we will need to improve attendance to keep the series viable.

We took some suggestions from those in attendance and have already taken a few steps to try and boost interest (re: attendance). Details will come shortly.

Please feel free to email suggestions. We are open to almost anything accept maybe adding mini bike classes and adding more races to the schedule.

For 2014 the schedule will shift around again. Red Bud will run a week or two earlier than past years and we will start racing earlier in the year. July is way too late, as is ending in October.

We'll get the RXSC schedule posted ASAP pending the Districts and MxSports Area and Regional schedules.

10/25-26-27 make up date
Well it's Friday 10/25. Clear skies and a dry but cool ) 50 deg) forecast is predicted for the final round of the 2013 RacerX Senior Championship and Motosports Halloween weekend.

Saturday race signup will take place later today and all RaceX year end awards will be available after the final race on Saturday.

Check the Motosports Park website for weekend details.

Let's moto.........

10/5 event rescheduled
As you probably know by now, Round 4 of the 2013 RacerX Senior Championship was a washout this weekend. Not to belabor the facts but over 3 inches of rain fell Thursday evening causing the cancellation of the Friday practice. Another inch or so on Friday afternoon put Saturdays event in jeopardy. By late Friday afternoon, the forecast was for a 60% chance of more rain Friday evening and a 90% chance of rain all day Saturday. As those of you who were there know, the rain Friday evening didn't materialize and Saturday morning didn't look too bad until about 11 AM when the skies opened up again. By noon there had been enough rain, in spite of the Sunday forecast of sunny and 70, to cancel the Sunday GP.

Round 4 has been re scheduled for 10/25-26 with a District 17 MX on Sunday 10/27. Year end awards will be presented on Saturday 10/26 at the conclusion of round 4. We had a good dry run in 2013 compared to prior years - 6 of 8 dry days.

10/27 is Motosports Park annual Halloween Race, so check out the details on the Motosports website.

DOB 21
Current points are up--

Quite the weekend at Aztalan. The club got to try out their new watering system and boy the District 16 riders are in for a treat. While track prep on Saturday morning took a little longer than usual, I didn't see any one having to water all day-- and NO dust!

On to the final at Motosports Park 10-4/5. Overall awards will be there at the end of Saturdays events.

O.F.M.X.- Walnut, Illinois---- 7-20-13
Well the first event of 2013 was just perfect. A little warm on Friday for practice, but absolutely perfect for Saturday. Nice to see all the familiar faces supporting the series.

Something a little out of the ordinary.. ALL the classes were won with 1/1 moto scores except 45 B/C. A raceday dominated by sweeps. I doubt that will be the case at RedBud in a couple of weeks.

See you there.................

Schedule correctiuons
Thanks to those of you who pointed out the dates for the AZZIE race were incorrect. That has since been corrected as well as the correct dates listed on the schedule page.

2013 schedule
Well, finally the 2013 schedule is up. After much debate, Motosports Park decided to move it's event to October 4/5 and again be the finishing round. This will coincide with the annual GP scheduled for Sunday 10/6. It will also allow us to give out year end awards after the Senior Championship Event Saturday. As you know, mailing out the awards has been and, based on our limited budget, a problem. The 2012 awards will be out shortly, thanks in advance for your patience. Also, event contingencies are getting harder to come by as everyone is cutting back. We'll continue to do what we can.

Azzie and Final results
Well the 2012 RacerX Senior Championship is in the books. The final round was a huge success at Aztalan. The weather co operated and the racetrack was in excellent shape after the season long effort to improve conditions by dumping loads of sand everywhere around the course. So congratulations� to the Aztalan Cycle Club for their 20th anniversary of the Dirty Old Blasters.

Year end points are posted and awards will be sent out sometime before the end of the year. Please note, since postage will be an expense this year, the awards may be a little thin. I'm open for suggestions on how to handle the year end thing. It was never a problem at Motosports Park since I have full access to the computer system and the final standing can be computed during the course of the raceday. Elsewhere, I have to wait until the raceday is finished before I can start working with the results. Again any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for all your support... remember our sponsors... hope to see you all next year. Don

2012 Vet Fest
Well our luck was bound to run out! Rain resulted in a cancelled Friday practice however, dinner Friday night at KBs went off as scheduled with steak, chicken and cookout trimmings. Rain resumed again about 5AM and lingered throughout practice. Finally, about noon the rain cleared out and Saturday turned into a fine day to moto. After some earth moving work, the track turned into the tough racetrack we all know RedBud is. A big thanks to Tim, Amy and the whole REDBUD staff for all their hard work to make the weekend as successful as possible in spite of the weather.

On to the the final round D.O.B. 20 at Lake Mills 9-7/8!

Dinner with 200 of your closest friends.
Just a reminder, the soon to be famous KB grill at REDBUD will be putting out a spread Friday evening again this year . Chicken or Steak ... For all of us batching it this weekend, what a deal. No cooking.... no dishes....Buy your dinner tickets at the signup window

$15 per person. Check the RedBud website for further details.

Red Bud dates 8/10-11
Sorry for the mistake in the previous post, Red Bud is 8/10 and 8/11 just as in the schedule. I couldn't convince Amy to run a Thursday/Friday event.

O.F.M.X. Walnut Illinois
Results and current points are posted. What a spectacular event put on by Jan and Bob and their crew at Sunset Ridge. I guess the old folks are pretty fair weather racers. When the weather is good look out....

Red Bud next week (8/9 and 8/10). A week or two earlier than in the past. At this time the weather looks good, mid 80's and dry. See you there.

Motosports Park Vet Open June 22-23
The 2012 season started with great weather and great racing at Motosports Park Saturday. Riders from all over the Midwest and Canada converged on the Park starting Thursday and had excellent conditions for both Fridays Open practice as well as Saturday's races.

Results and points are posted with Sunset Ridge in Walnut, Illinois coming up next July 20/21.